Sunday, May 09, 2010

Galeries Lafayette

This WAS my favorite mall in the world... Until I went to Dubai! But I have so many memories at the Galeries Lafayette. My grandmother would usually bring me here on Sundays when she would do some shopping. It's a pretty high-end shopping mall, all the stylish people of Paris come here.

I love how it still has that 1800's old Paris look, and the stores are BEAUTIFUL.


MuslimFirst said...

Wowee, that does have a nice look to it.

OH GREAT, again with the 'Paris is so cool n fancy' thing - are you just trying to make me feel even worse?? hehehe. ;-)

Thanks for sharing Sis.


Br. MF

Zarga said...

awww lol ! Inch'Allah you will be abale to go one day:):)