Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First 10 Days in England

So no fish and chips, no tea and crumpets, no trolly frolly no diddly daddlies, England has disappointed me this time around. Perhaps the root of all this disappointment arises from the currency rate of exchange. Four years ago I was surprised when I got £60 for every $100 I traded in, and now I'm lucky if I get £45 for every $100. Meanwhile, the prices of everything remains double that of everything in the U.S., or at least Miami. A simple McChicken sandwich, fries, and a coke, which you can easily get from the dollar menu at McDonalds in Miami ends up being around $8. But oh well, gotta spend when you're on vacation. Aside from this, I've been out a few times and will post pictures as the times comes. For now, toodle-oo! btw, they dont really say that here.