Thursday, June 15, 2006


So I've made it past my first month here in England. And boy, am I glad I did. I feel like all the snobby people of the world have somehow come here to live together on this tiny little wretched island. I find myself constantly asking the question, "damn, are people REALLY that bitchy here?!" Just yesterday me and my companions were lost in a museum, I kindly asked the security guard where the nearest exit was and he kindly looked at me and kept walking. What a bastard! And honestly, I thought that when I came to England a few years ago that I was just exaggerating the anti-American racism I received, but good Lord! I'm honestly sometimes afraid to ask anyone a question just cuz of how they'll react. oh well...onto nicer things.

By the way, if you ever plan on coming to this island, make sure to bring a great pair of walking'll need it. The transportation system here is great, but it sure knocks the wind outta your legs. And the weather here needs to make up its mind...just two days ago it was blazing hot, forcing me to think if i shoulda just stayed in Miami. Then yesterday and today, cool like ice. But heck, i love the cool weather...not cold...just cool. Especially since what i've been hearing about Karachi (my next destination) about how hot it is that people are literally dying from the heat. oh well...again onto nicer things.

...sorry, that's all the things i've got. no more nicer things than that! i miss my friends...carlos, james, zamir, pepe, and yes...even andrew. and my heart is currently lost in chicago.

au revoir people...see you soon.