Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Paris Masjid

I really enjoy going to this masjid, because there is a lot of history here; French , Algerian and personal history for my father's family. It was built in the 1925 in the typical Algerian mosque style. It is located in the 5th arrondissment of Paris, in the south of Paris.
When Algeria was a French colony, this masjid was built to show that Algeria was truly a part of French society and that France had no intention of giving up it's most prized colony. Little did the Frenc know, that this masjid would later represent the Islam of France. At the time when the masjid was built, the first significant wave of Algerian immigration to France was occuring. Most of the immigrants were the Kabyle people (the berbers of the mountainous areas of Algeria) and they quickly became a part of the French workforce. The railroads in Paris and it's suburb were built by these workers, along with many other buildings in Paris. They contributed a large part to the developement of Paris.
The masjid was really the center point of the Algerian community. Many men left their families, wives and children in Algeria, so this was the place were they came together to feel at home and discuss the rise of Algerian politics. Iftar was also served here during Ramadan.
My grandfather immigrated to Paris from Algeria a little bit before the first large wave of immigrants, during that time it was very hard for him because there were very very few Algerians at that time and the working conditions were brutal! He saw the building of the masjid. He prayed in this masjid with his cousins, and later my uncles would pray there as well, so everytime I go I always feel a little attached to this masjid.

Here is the masjid in 1930
Today the masjid offers guided tours for tourists and talks for anyone who may be interested in Islam and it's roots in France.

Here a few pictures from last visit on Friday

The walls surronding the courtyard, are covered with these mosaics

The inside of the prayer room

Les Champs Elysées under the rain

It's really cliché, but this is my fav avenue in Paris- Les Champs Elysées! The Christmas lights are still up as well as the ferris wheel. The picture is not that good, I was in the car and it was raining!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

New year's eve dinner

For new year's we had a dinner at home. I made a leg of lamb with oven roasted potatoes:) I will try to post the picture a little later. But here was the best part, the dessert! It's a mini Buche. Buche is the traditional cake that is served on new year's eve. Buche means log and the cake is supposed to look like a log lol. Sorry the quality of the picture is not that good.

bye bye snow

This picture is from a few days ago, the snow has completely melted away and I'm a little disappointed:( I didn't get a chance to take pictures in the snow and make a snow man lol

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My trip to France

Salam everyone! I know it's been way too long since I posted anything, just been caught up with life and the daily routine! Well it's that time of year again for me to spend some vacation time in France. I'm here and it's cold , but all this snow is so pretty! Baji suggested I take pictures during my trip. So I will try to take pictures of the places I will be going to, inchAllah:)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bryce Canyon, Utah

I went on a trip for my job and we visited different cities on the West Coast of the United States. But Bryce Canyon was by far my favorite place. I was speechless when i set my eyes on the canyon, SubhanAllah!

I went down into the canyon and here a few pictures from inside.

Friday, May 28, 2010

yalla yalla fi Dearborn

Don't be fooled by the Arabic writing on billboards, it's Detroit (well, Dearborn to be exact.)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Galeries Lafayette

This WAS my favorite mall in the world... Until I went to Dubai! But I have so many memories at the Galeries Lafayette. My grandmother would usually bring me here on Sundays when she would do some shopping. It's a pretty high-end shopping mall, all the stylish people of Paris come here.

I love how it still has that 1800's old Paris look, and the stores are BEAUTIFUL.

J'adore Paris!

ahhh Paris, how I miss thee! One of my fav places in the world:) I never get tired of going there.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Hulk and the topi

The Hulk roller coaster at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. I don't do roller coasters, so Poops, both my sisters, and their friend went without me on THE HULK. As soon as they were shot out of that cannon there, my sister's topi (Urdu for hat) went flying out. I even have video footage. I think I'll post it.